CHI 2021

A Design Space Exploration of Worlds in Miniature

Kurtis Danyluk , Barrett Ens , Bernhard Jenny , Wesley Willett

Virtual Augmented RealityMeta Analysis Literature Survey

CHI 2021

Grand Challenges in Immersive Analytics

Barrett Ens , Benjamin Bach , Maxime Cordeil , Ulrich Engelke , Marcos Serrano , Wesley Willett , Arnaud Prouzeau , Christoph Anthes , Wolfgang Büschel , Cody Dunne , Tim Dwyer , Jens Grubert , Jason H. Haga , Nurit Kishenbaum , Dylan Kobayashi , Tica Lin , Monsurat Olaosebikan , Fabian Pointecker , David Saffo , Nazmus Saquib , Dieter Schmalsteig , Danielle Albers Szafir , Matthew Whitlock , Yalong Yang

Immersive AnalyticsGrand Research ChallengesData VisualisationAugmented RealityVirtual Reality

CHI 2021

Homecoming: Exploring Returns to Long-Term Single Player Games

Noor Hammad , Owen Brierley , Zachary McKendrick , Sowmya Somanath , Patrick Finn , Jessica Hammer , Ehud Sharlin

Long Term Single Player GameAutobiographical DesignPivot Point

UIST 2020

ZoomWalls: Dynamic Walls that Simulate Haptic Infrastructure for Room-scale VR World

Yan Yixian , Kazuki Takashima , Anthony Tang , Takayuki Tanno , Kazuyuki Fujita , Yoshifumi Kitamura

Encountered Type Haptic DevicesImmersive Experience

UIST 2020 Honorable Mention

RealitySketch: Embedding Responsive Graphics and Visualizations in AR through Dynamic Sketching

Ryo Suzuki , Rubaiat Habib Kazi , Li-Yi Wei , Stephen DiVerdi , Wilmot Li , Daniel Leithinger

Augmented RealityEmbedded Data VisualizationReal Time AuthoringSketching InterfacesTangible Interaction

IROS 2020

PufferBot: Actuated Expandable Structures for Aerial Robots

Hooman Hedayati , Ryo Suzuki , Daniel Leithinger , Daniel Szafir

NIME 2020

Touch Responsive Augmented Violin Interface System II: Integrating Sensors into a 3D Printed Fingerboard

Chantelle Ko , Lora Oehlberg

ViolinTouch SensorFSRFingerboardAugmented3 D PrintingConductive FilamentInteractive

IMWUT 2020

AssessBlocks: Exploring Toy Block Play Features for Assessing Stress in Young Children after Natural Disasters

Xiyue Wang , Kazuki Takashima , Tomoaki Adachi , Patrick Finn , Ehud Sharlin , Yoshifumi Kitamura

Well BeingToy BlocksPTSDTangibles For HealthStress AssessmentPlayChildren

CHI 2020

RoomShift: Room-scale Dynamic Haptics for VR with Furniture-moving Swarm Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Hooman Hedayati , Clement Zheng , James Bohn , Daniel Szafir , Ellen Yi-Luen Do , Mark D Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Virtual RealityRoom Scale HapticsHaptic InterfacesSwarm Robots

CHI 2020

Why do people watch others eat food? An Empirical Study on the Motivations and Practices of Mukbang Viewers

Laurensia Anjani , Terrance Mok , Anthony Tang , Lora Oehlberg , Wooi Boon Goh

Video StreamsMukbang

CHI 2020

Autonomous Vehicle-Cyclist Interaction: Peril and Promise

Ming Hou , Karthik Mahadevan , Sowmya Somanath , Ehud Sharlin , Lora Oehlberg

Autonomous Vehicle Cyclist InteractionInterfaces For Communicating Intent And Awareness

CHI 2020

Interaction Techniques for Visual Exploration Using Embedded Word-Scale Visualizations

Pascal Goffin , Tanja Blascheck , Petra Isenberg , Wesley Willett

GlyphsWord Scale VisualizationInformation VisualizationInteraction TechniquesText Visualization

TEI 2020

LiftTiles: Constructive Building Blocks for Prototyping Room-scale Shape-changing Interfaces

Ryo Suzuki , Ryosuke Nakayama , Dan Liu , Yasuaki Kakehi , Mark D. Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Shape Changing InterfacesInflatablesLarge Scale Interactions

MobileHCI 2019

WatchPen: Using Cross-Device Interaction Concepts to Augment Pen-Based Interaction

Michael Hung , David Ledo , Lora Oehlberg

SmartwatchCross Device InteractionPen InteractionInteraction Techniques

UIST 2019

ShapeBots: Shape-changing Swarm Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Clement Zheng , Yasuaki Kakehi , Tom Yeh , Ellen Yi-Luen Do , Mark D. Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Swarm User InterfacesShape Changing User Interfaces

TVCG 2019 Best Paper

Data Changes Everything: Challenges and Opportunities in Data Visualization Design Handoff

Jagoda Walny , Christian Frisson , Mieka West , Doris Kosminsky , Søren Knudsen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Wesley Willett

Information VisualizationDesign HandoffData MappingDesign Process

C&C 2019

Mutation: Leveraging Performing Arts Practices in Cyborg Transitioning

Nour Hammad , Elaheh Sanoubari , Patrick Finn , Sowmya Somanath , James E. Young , Ehud Sharlin

Interaction DesignCyborgsUser ExperiencePerforming Art Techniques

DIS 2019

Sketching and Ideation Activities for Situated Visualization Design

Nathalie Bressa , Kendra Wannamaker , Henrik Korsgaard , Wesley Willett , Jo Vermeulen

IdeationDesign WorkshopsSituated VisualizationInformation VisualizationSmall DisplaysSketching

DIS 2019

AV-Pedestrian Interaction Design Using a Pedestrian Mixed Traffic Simulator

Karthik Mahadevan , Elaheh Sanoubari , Sowmya Somanath , James E. Young , Ehud Sharlin

Mixed TrafficPedestrian SimulatorAutonomous Vehicle Pedestrian Interaction

DIS 2019 Best Paper

MorphIO: Entirely Soft Sensing and Actuation Modules for Programming Shape Changes through Tangible Interaction

Ryosuke Nakayama , Ryo Suzuki , Satoshi Nakamaru , Ryuma Niiyama , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Yasuaki Kakehi

Shape Changing InterfacesProgramming By DemonstrationSoft RobotsPneumatic ActuationTangible Interactions

DIS 2019 Honorable Mention

Mannequette: Understanding and Enabling Collaboration and Creativity on Avant-Garde Fashion-Tech Runways

Teddy Seyed , Anthony Tang

FashionHaute CoutureE TextilesMaker CultureFashion TechWearablesAvant GardeHaute Tech CoutureModular

DIS 2019

Astral: Prototyping Mobile and Smart Object Interactive Behaviours Using Familiar Applications

David Ledo , Jo Vermeulen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Saul Greenberg , Lora Oehlberg , Sebastian Boring

Smart ObjectsMobile InterfacesPrototypingDesign ToolInteractive Behaviour

TVCG 2019

Exploration Strategies for Discovery of Interactivity in Visualizations

Tanja Blascheck , Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen , Jo Vermeulen , Charles Perin , Wesley Willett , Thomas Ertl , Sheelagh Carpendale

DiscoveryVisualizationOpen DataEvaluationEye TrackingInteraction LogsThink Aloud

CHI 2019 Honorable Mention

Look-From Camera Control for 3D Terrain Maps

Kurtis Danyluk , Bernhard Jenny , Wesley Willett

TerrainTouchMap InteractionLook From Camera Control

TEI 2019

Beyond the Bare Stage: Exploring Props as Potential Improviser-Controlled Technology

Claire Mikalauskas , April Viczko , Lora Oehlberg

PropsPerformer Controlled TechnologyImprovisational Theatre

TEI 2019

WindyWall: Exploring Creative Wind Simulations

David Tolley , Thi Ngoc Tram Nguyen , Anthony Tang , Nimesha Ranasinghe , Kensaku Kawauchi , Ching-Chiuan Yen

Tactile Haptic InteractionMultimodal InteractionNovel Actuators Displays

IEEE VR 2019

Augmented Reality Map Navigation with Freehand Gestures

Kadek Ananta Satriadi , Barrett Ens , Maxime Cordeil , Bernhard Jenny , Tobias Czauderna , Wesley Willett

Augmented RealityGesture RecognitionHuman Computer InteractionInteractive Devices

TEI 2019

You say Potato, I say Po-Data: Physical Template Tools for Authoring Visualizations

Tiffany Wun , Lora Oehlberg , Miriam Sturdee , Sheelagh Carpendale

PotatoTangible ToolsAuthoring VisualizationsBlock PrintingPhysical Template ToolsInformation Visualization

UIST 2018

Dynablock: Dynamic 3D Printing for Instant and Reconstructable Shape Formation

Ryo Suzuki , Junichi Yamaoka , Daniel Leithinger , Tom Yeh , Mark D. Gross , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Yasuaki Kakehi

Digital MaterialsDynamic 3 D PrintingShape Displays

DIS 2018

Improvising with an Audience-Controlled Robot Performer

Claire Mikalauskas , Tiffany Wun , Kevin Ta , Joshua Horacsek , Lora Oehlberg

Human Robot InteractionImprovised TheatreCreativity Support ToolsCrowdsourcing

DIS 2018

Bod-IDE: An Augmented Reality Sandbox for eFashion Garments

Kevin Ta , Ehud Sharlin , Lora Oehlberg

Augmented RealityElectronic FashionCreativity Support Tool

DIS 2018

Scale Impacts Elicited Gestures for Manipulating Holograms: Implications for AR Gesture Design

Tran Pham , Jo Vermeulen , Anthony Tang , Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen

Augmented RealityGesturesGesture ElicitationHololens

TEI 2016

Engaging 'At-Risk' Students through Maker Culture Activities

Sowmya Somanath , Laura Morrison , Janette Hughes , Ehud Sharlin , Mario Costa Sousa

DIYAt Risk StudentsMaker CultureEducationYoung Learners

CHI 2018

Reactile: Programming Swarm User Interfaces through Direct Physical Manipulation

Ryo Suzuki , Jun Kato , Mark D. Gross , Tom Yeh

Direct ManipulationTangible ProgrammingSwarm User InterfacesProgramming By Demonstration

CHI 2018

PEP (3D Printed Electronic Papercrafts): An Integrated Approach for 3D Sculpting Paper-Based Electronic Devices

Hyunjoo Oh , Tung D. Ta , Ryo Suzuki , Mark D. Gross , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Lining Yao

Paper Electronics3 D SculptingPaper CraftFabrication TechniquesPrototyping

CHI 2018

Geocaching with a Beam: Shared Outdoor Activities through a Telepresence Robot with 360 Degree Viewing

Yasamin Heshmat , Brennan Jones , Xiaoxuan Xiong , Carman Neustaedter , Anthony Tang , Bernhard E. Riecke , Lillian Yang

Video CommunicationTelepresence RobotsLeisure ActivitiesSocial PresenceGeocaching

CHI 2018

Evaluation Strategies for HCI Toolkit Research

David Ledo , Steven Houben , Jo Vermeulen , Nicolai Marquardt , Lora Oehlberg , Saul Greenberg

User InterfacesDesignEvaluationPrototypingToolkits

CHI 2018

Communicating Awareness and Intent in Autonomous Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction

Karthik Mahadevan , Sowmya Somanath , Ehud Sharlin

Autonomous Vehicle Pedestrian InteractionPerceived Awareness And Intent In Autonomous Vehicles

CHI 2018

A Design Framework for Awareness Cues in Distributed Multiplayer Games

Jason Wuertz , Sultan A. Alharthi , William A. Hamilton , Scott Bateman , Carl Gutwin , Anthony Tang , Zachary O. Toups , Jessica Hammer

Workspace AwarenessSituation AwarenessGame DesignDistributed Multiplayer GamesAwareness Cues

CHI 2018 Honorable Mention

The Benefits and Challenges of Video Calling for Emergency Situations

Carman Neustaedter , Brennan Jones , Kenton O'Hara , Abigail Sellen

CollaborationSituation AwarenessEmergency CallingCall TakersMobile Video CallingDispatchers

CHI 2018

A Visual Interaction Cue Framework from Video Game Environments for Augmented Reality

Kody R. Dillman , Terrance Mok , Anthony Tang , Lora Oehlberg , Alex Mitchell

Game DesignGuidanceInteraction CuesAugmented Reality

CHI 2018 Honorable Mention

Perspective on and Re-orientation of Physical Proxies in Object-Focused Remote Collaboration

Martin Feick , Terrance Tin Hoi Mok , Anthony Tang , Lora Oehlberg , Ehud Sharlin

CscwRemote CollaborationObject Focused CollaborationPhysical TelepresenceCollaborative Physical Tasks

HRI 2018

The Way You Move: The Effect of a Robot Surrogate Movement in Remote Collaboration

Martin Feick , Lora Oehlberg , Anthony Tang , André Miede , Ehud Sharlin

Movement Trajectory VelocityRemote CollaborationRobot Surrogate


FluxMarker: Enhancing Tactile Graphics with Dynamic Tactile Markers

Ryo Suzuki , Abigale Stangl , Mark D. Gross , Tom Yeh

Visual ImpairmentDynamic Tactile MarkersTangible InterfacesInteractive Tactile Graphics

SUI 2017

Visibility Perception and Dynamic Viewsheds for Topographic Maps and Models

Nico Li , Wesley Willett , Ehud Sharlin , Mario Costa Sousa

Terrain VisualizationGeospatial VisualizationDynamic ViewshedTopographic MapsTangible User Interfaces

DIS 2017

Critiquing Physical Prototypes for a Remote Audience

Terrance Mok , Lora Oehlberg

Design ReviewPrototype CritiqueRemote CollaborationMaterial ExperienceOpen HardwareVideo Conferencing

CHI 2017

Building with Data: Architectural Models as Inspiration for Data Physicalization

Carmen Hull , Wesley Willett

Design ProcessArchitectural ModelsData PhysicalizationEmbodied InteractionData Visualization

CHI 2017

Environmental Protection and Agency: Motivations, Capacity, and Goals in Participatory Sensing

Paul Aoki , Allison Woodruff , Baladitya Yellapragada , Wesley Willett

Citizen ScienceEnvironmental Sensing

CHI 2017

'Maker' within Constraints: Exploratory Study of Young Learners using Arduino at a High School in India

Sowmya Somanath , Lora Oehlberg , Janette Hughes , Ehud Sharlin , Mario Costa Sousa

IndiaHCI 4 DPhysical ComputingDIYYoung LearnersMaker Culture

CHI 2017

Pineal: Bringing Passive Objects to Life with Embedded Mobile Devices

David Ledo , Fraser Anderson , Ryan Schmidt , Lora Oehlberg , Saul Greenberg , Tovi Grossman

Fabrication3 D PrintingSmart ObjectsRapid PrototypingToolkitsPrototyping ToolInteraction Design

TVCG 2017

Embedded Data Representations

Wesley Willett , Yvonne Jansen , Pierre Dragicevic

Information VisualizationData PhysicalizationAmbient DisplaysUbiquitous ComputingAugmented Reality

TVCG 2017

An Exploratory Study of Word-Scale Graphics in Data-Rich Text Documents

Pascal Goffin , Jeremy Boy , Wesley Willett , Petra Isenberg

Word Scale VisualizationWord Scale GraphicText VisualizationSparklinesAuthoring ToolInformation Visualization

DIS 2016

Elevating Communication, Collaboration, and Shared Experiences in Mobile Video through Drones

Brennan Jones , Kody Dillman , Richard Tang , Anthony Tang , Ehud Sharlin , Lora Oehlberg , Carman Neustaedter , Scott Bateman

CscwTelepresenceVideo CommunicationShared ExperiencesTeleoperationDronesCollaborationHri

TVCG 2016

Towards An Understanding of Mobile Touch Navigation in a Stereoscopic Viewing Environment for 3D Data Exploration

David Lopez , Lora Oehlberg , Candemir Doger , Tobias Isenberg

Visualization Of 3 D DataHuman Computer InteractionExpert InteractionDirect Touch InputMobile DisplaysStereoscopic EnvironmentsVRARConceptual Model Of InteractionInteraction Reference Frame MappingObservational Study

MobileHCI 2015

Proxemic-Aware Controls: Designing Remote Controls for Ubiquitous Computing Ecologies

David Ledo , Saul Greenberg , Nicolai Marquardt , Sebastian Boring

Ubiquitous ComputingProxemic InteractionMobile InteractionControl Of Appliances

CHI 2015

Patterns of Physical Design Remixing in Online Maker Communities

Lora Oehlberg , Wesley Willett , Wendy E. Mackay

CustomizationMaker CommunitiesUser InnovationCollaborationHackingRemixing

CHI 2015

Mechanics of Camera Work in Mobile Video Collaboration

Brennan Jones , Anna Witcraft , Scott Bateman , Carman Neustaedter , Anthony Tang

Video CommunicationCollaborationMobile ComputingHandheld DevicesCscw

CHI 2015

Stratos: Using Visualization to Support Decisions in Strategic Software Release Planning

Bon Adriel Aseniero , Tiffany Wun , David Ledo , Guenther Ruhe , Anthony Tang , Sheelagh Carpendale

Software EngineeringInformation VisualizationRelease Planning

CHI 2015

Lightweight Relief Shearing for Enhanced Terrain Perception on Interactive Maps

Wesley Willett , Bernhard Jenny , Tobias Isenberg , Pierre Dragicevic

Plan Oblique ReliefInteractionDepth PerceptionTerrain MapsRelief Shearing