Wesley Willett

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CHI 2021

A Design Space Exploration of Worlds in Miniature

Kurtis Danyluk , Barrett Ens , Bernhard Jenny , Wesley Willett

Virtual Augmented RealityMeta Analysis Literature Survey

CHI 2021

Grand Challenges in Immersive Analytics

Barrett Ens , Benjamin Bach , Maxime Cordeil , Ulrich Engelke , Marcos Serrano , Wesley Willett , Arnaud Prouzeau , Christoph Anthes , Wolfgang Büschel , Cody Dunne , Tim Dwyer , Jens Grubert , Jason H. Haga , Nurit Kishenbaum , Dylan Kobayashi , Tica Lin , Monsurat Olaosebikan , Fabian Pointecker , David Saffo , Nazmus Saquib , Dieter Schmalsteig , Danielle Albers Szafir , Matthew Whitlock , Yalong Yang

Immersive AnalyticsGrand Research ChallengesData VisualisationAugmented RealityVirtual Reality

CHI 2020

Interaction Techniques for Visual Exploration Using Embedded Word-Scale Visualizations

Pascal Goffin , Tanja Blascheck , Petra Isenberg , Wesley Willett

GlyphsWord Scale VisualizationInformation VisualizationInteraction TechniquesText Visualization

TVCG 2019 Best Paper

Data Changes Everything: Challenges and Opportunities in Data Visualization Design Handoff

Jagoda Walny , Christian Frisson , Mieka West , Doris Kosminsky , Søren Knudsen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Wesley Willett

Information VisualizationDesign HandoffData MappingDesign Process

DIS 2019

Sketching and Ideation Activities for Situated Visualization Design

Nathalie Bressa , Kendra Wannamaker , Henrik Korsgaard , Wesley Willett , Jo Vermeulen

IdeationDesign WorkshopsSituated VisualizationInformation VisualizationSmall DisplaysSketching

TVCG 2019

Exploration Strategies for Discovery of Interactivity in Visualizations

Tanja Blascheck , Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen , Jo Vermeulen , Charles Perin , Wesley Willett , Thomas Ertl , Sheelagh Carpendale

DiscoveryVisualizationOpen DataEvaluationEye TrackingInteraction LogsThink Aloud

CHI 2019 Honorable Mention

Look-From Camera Control for 3D Terrain Maps

Kurtis Danyluk , Bernhard Jenny , Wesley Willett

TerrainTouchMap InteractionLook From Camera Control

IEEE VR 2019

Augmented Reality Map Navigation with Freehand Gestures

Kadek Ananta Satriadi , Barrett Ens , Maxime Cordeil , Bernhard Jenny , Tobias Czauderna , Wesley Willett

Augmented RealityGesture RecognitionHuman Computer InteractionInteractive Devices

SUI 2017

Visibility Perception and Dynamic Viewsheds for Topographic Maps and Models

Nico Li , Wesley Willett , Ehud Sharlin , Mario Costa Sousa

Terrain VisualizationGeospatial VisualizationDynamic ViewshedTopographic MapsTangible User Interfaces

CHI 2017

Building with Data: Architectural Models as Inspiration for Data Physicalization

Carmen Hull , Wesley Willett

Design ProcessArchitectural ModelsData PhysicalizationEmbodied InteractionData Visualization

CHI 2017

Environmental Protection and Agency: Motivations, Capacity, and Goals in Participatory Sensing

Paul Aoki , Allison Woodruff , Baladitya Yellapragada , Wesley Willett

Citizen ScienceEnvironmental Sensing

TVCG 2017

Embedded Data Representations

Wesley Willett , Yvonne Jansen , Pierre Dragicevic

Information VisualizationData PhysicalizationAmbient DisplaysUbiquitous ComputingAugmented Reality

TVCG 2017

An Exploratory Study of Word-Scale Graphics in Data-Rich Text Documents

Pascal Goffin , Jeremy Boy , Wesley Willett , Petra Isenberg

Word Scale VisualizationWord Scale GraphicText VisualizationSparklinesAuthoring ToolInformation Visualization

CHI 2015

Patterns of Physical Design Remixing in Online Maker Communities

Lora Oehlberg , Wesley Willett , Wendy E. Mackay

CustomizationMaker CommunitiesUser InnovationCollaborationHackingRemixing

CHI 2015

Lightweight Relief Shearing for Enhanced Terrain Perception on Interactive Maps

Wesley Willett , Bernhard Jenny , Tobias Isenberg , Pierre Dragicevic

Plan Oblique ReliefInteractionDepth PerceptionTerrain MapsRelief Shearing