Sheelagh Carpendale

Adjunct Professor

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GI 2022

Simultaneous Worlds: Supporting Fluid Exploration of Multiple Data Sets via Physical Models

Carmen Hull , Søren Knudsen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Wesley Willett

Information VisualizationInteractive SurfacesData PhysicalizationArchitectural Models

IEEE 2021 Best Paper

Perception! Immersion! Empowerment!: Superpowers as Inspiration for Visualization

Wesley Willett , Bon Adriel Aseniero , Sheelagh Carpendale , Pierre Dragicevic , Yvonne Jansen , Lora Oehlberg , Petra Isenberg

Data VisualizationVisualizationCognitionInteractive SystemsToolsPragmaticsPattern RecognitionSuperpowersEmpowermentVisionPerceptionFictionSituated Visualization

GI 2020

Exploring the Design of Patient-Generated Data Visualizations

Fateme Rajabiyazdi , Charles Perin , Lora Oehlberg , Sheelagh Carpendale

VisualizationInformation Visualization

TVCG 2019 Best Paper

Data Changes Everything: Challenges and Opportunities in Data Visualization Design Handoff

Jagoda Walny , Christian Frisson , Mieka West , Doris Kosminsky , Søren Knudsen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Wesley Willett

Information VisualizationDesign HandoffData MappingDesign Process

DIS 2019

Astral: Prototyping Mobile and Smart Object Interactive Behaviours Using Familiar Applications

David Ledo , Jo Vermeulen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Saul Greenberg , Lora Oehlberg , Sebastian Boring

Smart ObjectsMobile InterfacesPrototypingDesign ToolInteractive Behaviour

TVCG 2019

Exploration Strategies for Discovery of Interactivity in Visualizations

Tanja Blascheck , Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen , Jo Vermeulen , Charles Perin , Wesley Willett , Thomas Ertl , Sheelagh Carpendale

DiscoveryVisualizationOpen DataEvaluationEye TrackingInteraction LogsThink Aloud

TEI 2019

You say Potato, I say Po-Data: Physical Template Tools for Authoring Visualizations

Tiffany Wun , Lora Oehlberg , Miriam Sturdee , Sheelagh Carpendale

PotatoTangible ToolsAuthoring VisualizationsBlock PrintingPhysical Template ToolsInformation Visualization

CHI 2015

Stratos: Using Visualization to Support Decisions in Strategic Software Release Planning

Bon Adriel Aseniero , Tiffany Wun , David Ledo , Guenther Ruhe , Anthony Tang , Sheelagh Carpendale

Software EngineeringInformation VisualizationRelease Planning