UIST 2023

Augmented Math: Authoring AR-Based Explorable Explanations by Augmenting Static Math Textbooks

Neil Chulpongsatorn , Mille Skovhus Lunding , Nishan Soni , Ryo Suzuki

Augmented RealityExplorable ExplanationsInteractive PaperAugmented TextbookAuthoring Interfaces

UIST 2023

HoloBots: Augmenting Holographic Telepresence with Mobile Robots for Tangible Remote Collaboration in Mixed Reality

Keiichi Ihara , Mehrad Faridan , Ayumi Ichikawa , Ikkaku Kawaguchi , Ryo Suzuki

Mixed RealityRemote CollaborationPhysical TelepresenceMobile RobotsActuated Tangible Ui

UIST 2023

RealityCanvas: Augmented Reality Sketching for Embedded and Responsive Scribble Animation Effects

Zhijie Xia , Kyzyl Monteiro , Kevin Van , Ryo Suzuki

Sketching InterfacesScribble AnimationAugmented RealityMixed RealityReal Time Authoring

DIS 2023

Physica: Interactive Tangible Physics Simulation based on Tabletop Mobile Robots Towards Explorable Physics Education

Jiatong Li , Ryo Suzuki , Ken Nakagaki

Physics SimulationActuated Tangible UiSwarm Ui

CHI 2023

ChameleonControl: Teleoperating Real Human Surrogates through Mixed Reality Gestural Guidance for Remote Hands-on Classrooms

Mehrad Faridan , Bheesha Kumari , Ryo Suzuki

Mixed RealityVisual CueRemote CollaborationTelepresenceRemote GuidanceHuman SurrogatesHands On Training

CHI 2023

Teachable Reality: Prototyping Tangible Augmented Reality with Everyday Objects by Leveraging Interactive Machine Teaching

Kyzyl Monteiro , Ritik Vatsal , Neil Chulpongsatorn , Aman Parnami , Ryo Suzuki

Augmented RealityMixed RealityPrototyping ToolsTangible InteractionsEveryday ObjectsInteractive Machine TeachingHuman Centered Machine Learning

CHI EA 2023

HoloTouch: Interacting with Mixed Reality Visualizations Through Smartphone Proxies

Neil Chulpongsatorn , Wesley Willett , Ryo Suzuki

Mixed RealityEmbedded Data VisualizationTangible InteractionCross Device Interaction

CHI EA 2023

VR Haptics at Home: Repurposing Everyday Objects and Environment for Casual and On-Demand VR Haptic Experiences

Cathy Mengying Fang , Ryo Suzuki , Daniel Leithinger

Virtual RealityInteraction TechniquesPassive Haptics

UIST 2022

Sketched Reality: Sketching Bi-Directional Interactions Between Virtual and Physical Worlds with AR and Actuated Tangible UI

Hiroki Kaimoto , Kyzyl Monteiro , Mehrad Faridan , Jiatong Li , Samin Farajian , Yasuaki Kakehi , Ken Nakagaki , Ryo Suzuki

Augmented RealityMixed RealityActuated Tangible InterfacesSwarm User Interfaces

UIST 2022

RealityTalk: Real-time Speech-driven Augmented Presentation for AR Live Storytelling

Jian Liao , Adnan Karim , Shivesh Jadon , Rubaiat Habib Kazi , Ryo Suzuki

Augmented RealityMixed RealityAugmented PresentationNatural Language ProcessingGestural And Speech InputVideo

UIST 2022

Mixels: Fabricating Interfaces using Programmable Magnetic Pixels

Martin Nisser , Yashaswini Makaram , Lucian Covarrubias , Amadou Bah , Faraz Faruqi , Ryo Suzuki , Stefanie Mueller

Programmable MaterialsMagnetic InterfacesFabrication

UIST SIC 2022 Honorable Mention

UltraBots: Large-Area Mid-Air Haptics for VR with Robotically Actuated Ultrasound Transducers

Mehrad Faridan , Marcus Friedel , Ryo Suzuki

Virtual RealityHapticsUltrasound TransducersRobotics

IROS 2022

Selective Self-Assembly using Re-Programmable Magnetic Pixels

Martin Nisser , Yashaswini Makaram , Faraz Faruqi , Ryo Suzuki , Stefanie Mueller

CHI 2022

Augmented Reality and Robotics: A Survey and Taxonomy for AR-enhanced Human-Robot Interaction and Robotic Interfaces

Ryo Suzuki , Adnan Karim , Tian Xia , Hooman Hedayati , Nicolai Marquardt

Augmented RealityMixed RealityRoboticsHuman Robot InteractionActuated Tangible UIShape Changing UIAR HRIVAM HRI

Frontiers 2022

Designing Expandable-Structure Robots for Human-Robot Interaction

Hooman Hedayati , Ryo Suzuki , Wyatt Rees1 , Daniel Leithinger , Daniel Szafir

Deployable RobotHuman Robot InteractionModular RobotOrigami RoboticsDeployable StructuresShape Changing Robots

UIST 2021

HapticBots: Distributed Encountered-type Haptics for VR with Multiple Shape-changing Mobile Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Eyal Ofek , Mike Sinclair , Daniel Leithinger , Mar Gonzalez-Franco

Virtual RealityEncountered Type HapticsTabletop Mobile RobotsSwarm User Interfaces

UIST 2020 Honorable Mention

RealitySketch: Embedding Responsive Graphics and Visualizations in AR through Dynamic Sketching

Ryo Suzuki , Rubaiat Habib Kazi , Li-Yi Wei , Stephen DiVerdi , Wilmot Li , Daniel Leithinger

Augmented RealityEmbedded Data VisualizationReal Time AuthoringSketching InterfacesTangible Interaction

IROS 2020

PufferBot: Actuated Expandable Structures for Aerial Robots

Hooman Hedayati , Ryo Suzuki , Daniel Leithinger , Daniel Szafir

CHI 2020

RoomShift: Room-scale Dynamic Haptics for VR with Furniture-moving Swarm Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Hooman Hedayati , Clement Zheng , James Bohn , Daniel Szafir , Ellen Yi-Luen Do , Mark D Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Virtual RealityRoom Scale HapticsHaptic InterfacesSwarm Robots

TEI 2020

LiftTiles: Constructive Building Blocks for Prototyping Room-scale Shape-changing Interfaces

Ryo Suzuki , Ryosuke Nakayama , Dan Liu , Yasuaki Kakehi , Mark D. Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Shape Changing InterfacesInflatablesLarge Scale Interactions

UIST 2019

ShapeBots: Shape-changing Swarm Robots

Ryo Suzuki , Clement Zheng , Yasuaki Kakehi , Tom Yeh , Ellen Yi-Luen Do , Mark D. Gross , Daniel Leithinger

Swarm User InterfacesShape Changing User Interfaces

DIS 2019 Best Paper

MorphIO: Entirely Soft Sensing and Actuation Modules for Programming Shape Changes through Tangible Interaction

Ryosuke Nakayama , Ryo Suzuki , Satoshi Nakamaru , Ryuma Niiyama , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Yasuaki Kakehi

Shape Changing InterfacesProgramming By DemonstrationSoft RobotsPneumatic ActuationTangible Interactions

UIST 2018

Dynablock: Dynamic 3D Printing for Instant and Reconstructable Shape Formation

Ryo Suzuki , Junichi Yamaoka , Daniel Leithinger , Tom Yeh , Mark D. Gross , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Yasuaki Kakehi

Digital MaterialsDynamic 3 D PrintingShape Displays

CHI 2018

PEP (3D Printed Electronic Papercrafts): An Integrated Approach for 3D Sculpting Paper-Based Electronic Devices

Hyunjoo Oh , Tung D. Ta , Ryo Suzuki , Mark D. Gross , Yoshihiro Kawahara , Lining Yao

Paper Electronics3 D SculptingPaper CraftFabrication TechniquesPrototyping

CHI 2018

Reactile: Programming Swarm User Interfaces through Direct Physical Manipulation

Ryo Suzuki , Jun Kato , Mark D. Gross , Tom Yeh

Direct ManipulationTangible ProgrammingSwarm User InterfacesProgramming By Demonstration


FluxMarker: Enhancing Tactile Graphics with Dynamic Tactile Markers

Ryo Suzuki , Abigale Stangl , Mark D. Gross , Tom Yeh

Visual ImpairmentDynamic Tactile MarkersTangible InterfacesInteractive Tactile Graphics