UIST 2023

Augmented Math: Authoring AR-Based Explorable Explanations by Augmenting Static Math Textbooks

Neil Chulpongsatorn , Mille Skovhus Lunding , Nishan Soni , Ryo Suzuki

Augmented RealityExplorable ExplanationsInteractive PaperAugmented TextbookAuthoring Interfaces

CHI 2023

Teachable Reality: Prototyping Tangible Augmented Reality with Everyday Objects by Leveraging Interactive Machine Teaching

Kyzyl Monteiro , Ritik Vatsal , Neil Chulpongsatorn , Aman Parnami , Ryo Suzuki

Augmented RealityMixed RealityPrototyping ToolsTangible InteractionsEveryday ObjectsInteractive Machine TeachingHuman Centered Machine Learning

CHI EA 2023

HoloTouch: Interacting with Mixed Reality Visualizations Through Smartphone Proxies

Neil Chulpongsatorn , Wesley Willett , Ryo Suzuki

Mixed RealityEmbedded Data VisualizationTangible InteractionCross Device Interaction