UltraBots: Large-Area Mid-Air Haptics for VR with Robotically Actuated Ultrasound Transducers

Mehrad Faridan , Marcus Friedel , Ryo Suzuki



We introduce UltraBots, a system that combines ultrasound haptic feedback and robotic actuation for large-area mid-air haptics for VR. Ultrasound haptics can provide precise mid-air haptic feedback and versatile shape rendering, but the interaction area is often limited by the small size of the ultrasound devices, restricting the possible interactions for VR. To address this problem, this paper introduces a novel approach that combines robotic actuation with ultrasound haptics. More specifically, we will attach ultrasound transducer arrays to tabletop mobile robots or robotic arms for scalable, extendable, and translatable interaction areas. We plan to use Sony Toio robots for 2D translation and/or commercially available robotic arms for 3D translation. Using robotic actuation and hand tracking measured by a VR HMD (ex: Oculus Quest), our system can keep the ultrasound transducers underneath the user’s hands to provide on-demand haptics. We demonstrate applications with workspace environments, medical training, education and entertainment.

Keywords:  Virtual RealityHapticsUltrasound TransducersRobotics


Mehrad Faridan, Marcus Friedel, Ryo SuzukiUltraBots: Large-Area Mid-Air Haptics for VR with Robotically Actuated Ultrasound TransducersIn Adjunct undefined (UIST SIC '22)  Page: 1-3.  DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/3526114.3561350