I/O Bits: User-Driven, Situated, and Dedicated Self-Tracking

Kendra Wannamaker , Sandeep Kollannur , Marian Dörk , Wesley Willett



We present I/O Bits, a prototype personal informatics system that explores the potential for user-driven and situated self-tracking. With simple tactile inputs and small e-paper visualizations, I/O Bits are dedicated physical devices that allow individuals to track and visualize different kinds of personal activities in-situ. This is in contrast to most self-tracking systems, which automate data collection, centralize information displays, or integrate into multi-purpose devices like smartwatches or mobile phones. We report findings from an e-paper visualization workshop and a prototype deployment where participants constructed their own I/O Bits and used them to track a range of personal data. Based on these experiences, we contribute insights and opportunities for situated and user-driven personal informatics.

Keywords:  Information VisualizationPersonal InformaticsSituated Visualization


Kendra Wannamaker, Sandeep Kollannur, Marian Dörk, Wesley WillettI/O Bits: User-Driven, Situated, and Dedicated Self-TrackingIn Proceedings of the ACM on Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS '21)ACM, New York, NY, USA  Page: 1-10.  DOI: http://hdl.handle.net/1880/113555