Bod-IDE: An Augmented Reality Sandbox for eFashion Garments

Kevin Ta , Ehud Sharlin , Lora Oehlberg



Electronic fashion (eFashion) garments use technology to augment the human body with wearable interaction. In developing ideas, eFashion designers need to prototype the role and behavior of the interactive garment in context; however, current wearable prototyping toolkits require semi-permanent construction with physical materials that cannot easily be altered. We present Bod-IDE, an augmented reality 'mirror' that allows eFashion designers to create virtual interactive garment prototypes. Designers can quickly build, refine, and test on-the-body interactions without the need to connect or program electronics. By envisioning interaction with the body in mind, eFashion designers can focus more on reimagining the relationship between bodies, clothing, and technology.

Keywords:  Augmented RealityElectronic FashionCreativity Support Tool


Kevin Ta, Ehud Sharlin, Lora OehlbergBod-IDE: An Augmented Reality Sandbox for eFashion GarmentsIn Proceedings of the ACM on Designing Interactive Systems Conference (DIS '18)ACM, New York, NY, USA  Page: 1-5.  DOI: