GI 2022

Simultaneous Worlds: Supporting Fluid Exploration of Multiple Data Sets via Physical Models

Carmen Hull , Søren Knudsen , Sheelagh Carpendale , Wesley Willett

Information VisualizationInteractive SurfacesData PhysicalizationArchitectural Models

CHI 2022

One Week in the Future: Previs Design Futuring for HCI Research

Sasha Ivanov , Tim Au Yeung , Kathryn Blair , Kurtis Danyluk , Georgina Freeman , Marcus Friedel , Carmen Hull , Michael Hung , Sydney Pratte , Wesley Willett

Design FuturingPrototypingPrevisualization

CHI 2017

Building with Data: Architectural Models as Inspiration for Data Physicalization

Carmen Hull , Wesley Willett

Design ProcessArchitectural ModelsData PhysicalizationEmbodied InteractionData Visualization