CHI 2018

Geocaching with a Beam: Shared Outdoor Activities through a Telepresence Robot with 360 Degree Viewing

Yasamin Heshmat , Brennan Jones , Xiaoxuan Xiong , Carman Neustaedter , Anthony Tang , Bernhard E. Riecke , Lillian Yang

Video CommunicationTelepresence RobotsLeisure ActivitiesSocial PresenceGeocaching

CHI 2018 Honorable Mention

The Benefits and Challenges of Video Calling for Emergency Situations

Carman Neustaedter , Brennan Jones , Kenton O'Hara , Abigail Sellen

CollaborationSituation AwarenessEmergency CallingCall TakersMobile Video CallingDispatchers

DIS 2016

Elevating Communication, Collaboration, and Shared Experiences in Mobile Video through Drones

Brennan Jones , Kody Dillman , Richard Tang , Anthony Tang , Ehud Sharlin , Lora Oehlberg , Carman Neustaedter , Scott Bateman

CscwTelepresenceVideo CommunicationShared ExperiencesTeleoperationDronesCollaborationHri

CHI 2015

Mechanics of Camera Work in Mobile Video Collaboration

Brennan Jones , Anna Witcraft , Scott Bateman , Carman Neustaedter , Anthony Tang

Video CommunicationCollaborationMobile ComputingHandheld DevicesCscw